Mslexia magazine chose the opening page of my debut novel to print and offer a first page surgery – thank you for the encouraging comments.

Wow. I’m so thrilled to see my work printed in Mslexia magazine this month. I sent in the first 300 words of my debut novel, The Little White Lies of Alice Dove, for their ‘First Page Surgery’. Caroline McCarthy, screenwriter and editorial consultant worked at Penguin Books before managing the Literacy Consultancy.  She gave very good advice about the small section she read, which was very encouraging.

“This is a very powerful and arresting opening.”

“The spare brutality of the writer’s description […] made me shiver.”

“Creating character nuance in this understated manner, ‘showing’ not ‘telling’, is the mark of an accomplished writer.”

“…this is an impressive opening and I want to read on.”


Thank you, Mslexia, for giving unagented new writers such as myself a platform to share our work. I’m currently around 26,000 words into this novel now and writing more every day.  I can’t wait to type THE END – and that’s where the real editing work begins!

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