Another superb collection from Ellipsis Zine Literary Magazine – Zine 6: 2119. “100 words, 100 years from now”. This time I tried to be more cheery*

EZSix          When Steve at Ellipsis Zine opened submissions for supershort flash, maximum 100 words I couldn’t resist having a try. The theme was, “100 words, 100 years from now”.  Whilst tempted by my usual fodder of flood fiction and drought and sand and loneliness, I went against the grain and tried to construct a more hopeful relationship between adult and child.

Whilst this piece of my flash has more poetic language than some hyper modern, dystopic sci-fi out there, I must admit, having read it as part of this collection it’s still pretty challenging to see utopia in it.

You can buy a print copy here. Please read and submit to excellent Zines like this, they really are at the edge of the writing scene.

Thank you Steve and Ellipsis Zine for choosing to print my work again. Looking forward to Zine:7.

*possibly failed here, but, you know, guys.


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